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Top 10 American Motivational Speakers

 Top 10 American Motivational Speakers

The top 10 American motivational speakers are experts in motivation. These speakers have inspired millions of people through their books, seminars, and online classes. They are dedicated to motivating people to achieve their goals and challenges in life.    

Many motivational speakers in the world have been inspiring and motivating the new generation. The top 10 American motivational speakers are as follows. One of the best-known among them is Tony Robinson who uses physical verbal techniques to motivate millions of people through seminars.

Table of contents

1.    Dave Ramsey

2.    Tony Robbins

3.    Oprah Winfrey

4.    Mel Robbins

5.    Crish Gardener

6.    Robert Kiyosaki

7.    Leslie Brown

8.    Eric Thomas

9.    Suze Orman 

10.   Les Brown


The top 10 American motivational speakers are popular around the world.  They are struggling to meet deadlines, work hard, and maintain healthy relationships. Sometimes you want to quit struggling further, thinking it's not possible.

When you finally come to hit the wall with stress and depression, that time might be in the middle of your struggling journey, and a few steps more might be your achievement.

But your patience level gets down, no further hope for better. You are not alone in this situation. Many people feel lost like this. You should not come back, your time might be better.

So wherever you see motivation and ambition in life you must follow and keep going towards the goal. Many people in the world might change your life with their speech. They will guide you to control your depression.

There are the top 10 motivational speakers in America who have overcome their difficulties in the world.

1. Dave Ramsey

David Ramsey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He was born on 3rd September 1960 in Tennessee. At the age of 26 years through a brokerage firm ‘Ramsey Investments, Inc.’. He formed a rental real estate company. This made him the youngest broker in Tennessee.

He also established a company the ‘Lampo Group’ in 1992. He is also known for his radio program “The Dave Ramsey Show”. The Total Money Makeover, More Than Enough, and Financial Peace, his four books have appeared in the list of the New York Times as a bestseller.

Some of his important quotes “Those who don’t manage their money will always work for those who do’’. “Winning at money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge”.

His seminars, shows, and writings motivate people to get rid of debt. His financial advice helps people to make income and save their business. Dave Ramsay is famous on Twitter and Facebook with his millions of followers.

2. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an American motivational speaker, financial advisor, instructor, and author. He is known for his self-help books. Unlimited power awakens the giant within. He is considered the most well-known motivational speaker in the world.

He was born on 29th February 1960, in California. Tony Robbins has spent 40 years of his life in motivational seminars advising people through seminars, and coaching to help businesses to overcome weaknesses and professional challenges. 

As a financial advisor, instructor, and motivational speaker.his commanding presence during his speeches and passion for motivating people to reach their goals.

He taught people how to take charge of their health, emotions, relationships, and finances. Tony Robbins provides life advice to fortune and US presidents. The fortune calls advice the CEO ‘Whisperer” owing to a large number of executives who attribute their success to his motivational speech.

Tony Robbins's important quote “Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”.  

He is also famous in the world with millions of followers on social media.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a famous American media executive, show host, television producer, actress, and philanthropist. She was born on 29th January 1954, in Mississippi. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful women in the world. She is one of the top motivational speakers in America.

She is famous for the talk show “The Oprah Winfrey Show” which was the highest-rated television program for 25 seasons. In the first year of her show, the show was broadcast on 120 channels.

She was not technically a motivational speaker, but she delivered a wide range of speeches that inspired, provoking, and empowering. In 2018 she was the most influential woman.

Some of her quotes are “Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fail, failure is another stepping stone to greatness”

“Luck is a matter of preparing for meeting opportunities.”

4. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is an American professional author, TV host novelist, lawyer, and motivational speaker. She was born on 6th October 1968 in Kansas City, in America. Mel Robbins started her career as a law practitioner in New York City. Later she became a career coach for businesses.  

Mel Robbins seems like spending too much time on thinking and a little time on actual action on thoughts. The reason is how to make decisions at the right time. Mel Robbins is a former TV host, lawyer, and best-selling author.

She has written countless books. “The High 5 Habit” and “The 5 Second Rule” are the best-selling books. She launched her self-couching company.  

5. Chris Gardener

Chris Gardener is an American entrepreneur, investor, stockbroker, philanthropist, founder and CEO of ‘Gardner Rich LLC’, motivational speaker, and author. He was born on 9th February 1954. ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ is one of the most inspiring life stories as an autobiography was published in May 2006. And became the bestseller in the New York Times in Washington.  And translated into 40 languages.

He shared his experience and encouraged the audience to make the dreams come true, through his speech and writings. He encourages readers with their potential, builds plans, and is committed to work. His motivational speech inspired a lot of people to change their lives.   

His important quotes are “I was homeless but I wasn’t hopeless, I knew a better day was coming.”      

He is a popular social media platform.  In his talk and writing he shares his experience.

6. Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is an American business investor, self-help author, education emotional speaker, financial literacy financial commentator, and radio personality. He was born on 8th April 1947 and is a Japanese-American entrepreneur.

Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Dad's company. Who provided financial and business education through books, videos, seminars, blogs coaching, and workshops.

He is also a creator of cashflow board and software games. He had to authorize the book with Donald. He educates adults and children about business and financial concepts.

7. Eric Thermos

Eric Thomas is an American motivational speaker, educator, author, and minister. As a motivational speaker, Thomas founded a company to offer education consulting, and execution coaching athenticatic development including athletes such as LeBron James. He was born on 3rd September 1970, in Illinois. He is known for his unique style and energetic presentation, around the world.

He is the founder and CEO of his company, Eric Thomas & Associates, LLC. He dropped out of school and left home at an early age due to his strained relationship with his family.

8. Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown is an American motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former host, and former politician, She was born on 29 September 1968 in New York, in the US  as a member of the Ohio House catchphrase representative.

As a motivational speaker, she uses the catchphrase as much as possible and teaches people to follow their dreams as he learned to do.

9. Suze Orman

Suze Orman is an American author, financial motivational speaker, and television host. She was born on 5th June 1951, In Chicago, Illinois US.

She founded a Suze House financial group. Suze Orman began airing on CNBC in 2002 and won a Gracie award for Outstanding Program Host on CNBC for it.

She has written several books on the topic of personal finance. ‘The Money Book for the Young’, ‘You Have Earned It’ and Don’t Lose It are best-selling books.  She has won two Emmy Awards and Eight Gracie Awards.

She is known as a money lady. Her financial suggestion is money does;t make you powerful, the power comes from who you are, not what you have. Suze Orman is a certified financial advising guru.  

10. Les Brown

Les Brown, is an American author, motivational speaker, former Radio DJ, and TV host. He was born on 17th 1945, in Florida. He has been encouraging people to follow their passion.

Photo from: The Official Website of Les Brown

He is a true inspirational icon on television as the host. He overcame many challenges in life at an early age. and achieved success in various fields. His achievements as a political commentator, community leader, and community activist.

He has written several best-selling books such as Live Your Dream and Law of Success. Les Brown has spoken at multiple conferences around the world. He was awarded Excellence by the National Speaker Association.

His important quote:  “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” 

“Life has no limitations, except the one you make”


The top 10 American motivational speakers are popular around the world.   Maintaining a healthy relationship with people makes people free from stress and depression, a few steps more might be your achievement.

Motivational speakers have ambitions in life they must follow and keep going towards the goal. These people in the world might change your life with their speech. They will guide you to control your depression. And to overcome their difficulties in the world.


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