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My career started at Punj Lloyd Pvt. Ltd., where I worked as Admin Executive, after some years I was promoted to an Administrative office. There was a productive environment, engineers, production managers, and many units of Industries, but I could not continue there as per the requirement of the job. I wanted to do something else.

I was partly teaching some students, but after 6 years I switched to Private School and taught for ten years continuously. During the job, I pursued an MBA and shifted to a Management College as an Assistant Professor.    

As per my writing passion, I wanted to get busy helping people by motivating them, I started writing for ‘Quora’ where I shared my motivational articles, poetry, and quotes, replying to the reader's questions related to academic motivation. 

And that’s when I realized that my knowledge could be used to help the people of the world, then I found that blogging is the right place where I could share my experience with everyone in the world. 

In 2021, I started sharing my experience with my blog "MKG Motivation" with millions of readers, for better educational motivations and an understanding of life. I am also linking up with experts, and contributors from all over the world to share valuable experience and knowledge.    


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