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Top 5 Indian Motivational Speakers

 Top 5 Indian Motivational Speakers

There are many popular motivational speakers in India. All are best in their particular field with their different way of delivering motivational speeches. Millions of people are following them, who have unclear dreams, and visions in life. It's difficult for us to select the ‘Top 5 Indian Motivational Speakers’ among them.

Their life-changing self-education seminars and videos are accepted for Gennie's world record. They have been changing the lives of millions, with knowledge, vision, and spirituality. We are inspired and learn a lot from them.

They have been motivating us to be positive always. They have been motivating millions of students of colleges to be positive always. Students have been attending their seminars and following them to achieve success. So we are presenting the Top 5 Indian Motivational Speakers. You can attend their seminar and lead your life.

Table of contents

1. Sandeep Maheshwary

2. Deepak Chopra

3. Priya Kumar

4. Dr. Vivek Bindra

5. Shive Khera

1. Sandeep Maheshwary

Sandeep Maheshwary has changed the lives of millions of people. He is one of the best motivational speakers for the youth. He is from a middle-class family. He was born in Delhi on 28 September 1980. He pursued his B.Com degree from Kirori Mal College in Delhi, but he dropped out in the third year and learned photography.

At the age of 19 years, he started his career as a model. After senior secondary, he pursued the Nation Institute of Sales and Marking. Due to exploitation he quit the profession and set out on a mission to support struggling models. He formed Mash Vidio Visual Pvt. Ltd. began modeling and attended a two-week photography school.

He is the most followed and liked entrepreneur and motivational speaker in India, and he has been sharing his experience with the youth of India through his YouTube channel and has been inspiring them to be an entrepreneur.

He is CEO and founder of Image Bazaar a collection of Indian images which has been the largest in the world. He is awarded by many organizations. Sandeep Maheshwari’s name is in the minds of millions of people. who struggled and failed surged in search of success and happiness.

Millions of middle-class people are following him, who have unclear dreams, and visions in life. All who have an undying learning attitude know Sandeep Maheshwari. He has made a record of the largest collection of images. His life-changing self-education seminar video was accepted for Ginnie's world record.

2. Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is a world-famous women's motivational speaker in India. She was the author of 12 motivational books including novels. Priya Kumar was born on 4th  March 1974 in Chandigarh India. She has been inspiring many people to lead a happy life.

Priya Kumar has been honored with many international and national awards. She is the first Indian author with 42 international book awards. She became the youngest motivational speaker in the country at the age of 24 years.

Priya Kumar’s entertaining style of speaking is well-known among her followers. She has a YouTube channel by her name. She gives motivational speeches in English. She focused on the spiritual and inspirational themes in her videos. Her books inspired millions of people. Her famous novel ‘I will go with you’ written in 2015, was adopted as a TV web series in 2019.

3. Shiv Khera

If we talk about the top 5 motivational speakers in India. His name is one of the top motivational speakers, an Author, Educator, and Business Consultant. He was born in Dhanbad, India on 23 August 196. He has studied at Sri Ram College of Commerce at Delhi University.

He has faced many failures in life but today he achieved a big position in his life. He has motivated many people with his successful ideas.

Shiv Khera has written many inspirational books on marketing. He is known for his books, and he has conveyed his ideas to millions of people. He is the founder of the company ‘Qualified Learning System’ in America. And spread many branches of the company in many countries.

Shiv Khera is one the successful motivational speaker and author. He has turned with his positive direction the lives of millions of people.

4. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra was born on 22 October 1946 in Delhi, India. He wanted to become a doctor and move to America for practice. He was an expert in Western medicine.

At his growing age, his interest changed to spirituality. Now he is a full-time motivational speaker. His thoughts about body, mind, and health. He has influenced many people through his books, and seminars.

He is the author of 80 books translated into many languages. On general health and wellness. Some of his most famous books are ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success ‘And Perfect Health the Book of Secrets.

5. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known business leader, coach and motivational speaker, and leadership trainer, who has been training and motivating many people in the world. He was born in Delhi on 5th April 1982.

He was awarded as best leadership trainee in Asia by Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD confess.  Dr. Vivek Bindra's life was full of struggle, he lost his father at the age of 25 years. Despite that, he inspired millions of people. He is a record holder of the largest crowd,

Dr. Vivek Binra has written many books in his life. Reading his books many people became entrepreneurs. He has been motivating people with his YouTube channel. He is the founder of 'Bada Business P. Ltd. He is the only business mentor who holds Gennie's world record. There are many motivational speakers in India but he is one of the Top 5 Indian Motivational speakers.


Many motivational speakers in India have achieved the position of top-level speakers. Their inspiration has been changing the lives of millions of young generations.  

The above Top 5 Indian Motivational Speakers are not only famous in India but some of them are famous as top motivational speakers in the world. If you want to know more information about speakers, you must see their YouTube channels in which they have been inspiring our youth. 

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